Whenever I Think Something Is Too Tough For Me…

I think of Chris Gardner in his Pursuit of Happyness. Because nothing, absolutely none of the WORST things I’ve ever experienced in my entire life is even within an AU of the things that this amazing man had to go through. And if you think that what you saw in the movie version (starring Will Smith) was bad… the actual, real-life version was WORSE. In the movie he had to stay in jail for one night. In real life he had to stay for ten. For parking tickets!

From now on, whenever I see somebody is being nasty, sullen, or angry, I’m going to be more understanding. I never know what’s really happening in his or her life.

From now on, whenever I think I’m having it tough, I know that no matter what that is, it is not worse than something that Chris Gardner has gone through. And if Chris Gardner can rise above his industrial-strength, high-grade, class A problems, heck, I can rise above my small-scale, low-grade, class-C problems and smash them to bits.

From now on, I will always keep in mind that no matter how low, dejected, miserable a person may seem to be now, I may be looking at Greatness in the eye. It’s a reminder of how everyone has the potential to greatness within them.


4 thoughts on “Whenever I Think Something Is Too Tough For Me…

  1. But what if he/she is just being whiney, generally rude, or delights in making other’s miserable :P. I think that happens far more often than the genuine Chris Gardner types.

    Awesome movie though!

  2. I agree the Chris Gardner type is rare… I think you kinda can tell the difference though. Chris (at least in the movie) is a very smart dude and his social skills rock. I mean with a dud-detector as sharp as yours, you wouldn’t have any problems telling the difference ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Good points Ray! He is truly an amazing role model. I think it is quite rare to see someone in the finance industry that has such a strong sense of family aswell as the career drive he has. Having the “bigger picture” in mind the whole time and seeing work as a means to a specific end, meant he could over look the small problems he encountered.

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