Sacrifices Behind Masterpieces

They say that a masterpiece is founded on a pile of sacrifices. (Actually, I said that. I’ve never read it from anywhere else. But it’s true. Because I said it.)

Nowhere is this more true than the masterpieces of the game industry: the legendary games that are so ahead of the rest, so standard-setting, so groundbreaking that decades after veteran gamers still talk about it. Think Doom. Think Quake. Think Quake 3 Arena. Think Half-Life. Think Unreal. Think Unreal Tournament.

But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of developing such games? How Half-Life 2 source code got stolen by a German hacker and distributed over the net? How Daikatana transformed John Romero from The Guy Who Wants To Make You His Bitch to The Biggest Bitch in The Gaming Industry?

Here are the stories, in the greatest details. GameSpot’s Behind the Games features. Enjoy.

By the way, here’s Half-Life 2 story. Somehow it didn’t make it to the features page above. Enjoy.


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