Singapore’s Sick, Demented Charity Shows

I just finished watching Affairs of the Heart 2005, a charity show for Singapore’s National Heart Foundation in Singapore’s Channel 8 TV station. No, I didn’t watch it because I wanted to. I watched it because the only TV that was available to me while waiting for my food was showing that.

That show was concocted by some of the most sick, twisted, sadistic minds ever to pollute the field of charity shows.

In Indonesia, charity shows are common too. After all, we have a lot more disasters, natural or otherwise, than Singapore. But in that charity shows, the stars sing. Or dance. Or dance while showing some skin. Or do a comedy routine. Which really entertain people, and make them want to donate.

In the charity show Affairs of the Heart 2005 that I saw, the stars didn’t sing or dance, although they did show some skin. (All of them were guys.) What happened after that was some truly sadomasochistic shit. These guys lift heavy objects and pull cars, but not with their arms. They lift and pull using strings that are attached to the object on one end, and attached to the metal pincers that are pinching their skin at the other end.

As I saw those guys wincing in pain while having their skin in various location being overstretched to lift a TV, a bicycle, and even pull a car, one question came to mind: “Who is the sick bastard who came up with this moronic idea that THIS will make people want to donate more?”


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