The Deliciously Deadly Jakarta Food

Whenever I go back to Jakarta, I am often harshly reminded of how Singapore really spoils my intestinal defense system. The moment I’ve landed my feet on the earth of Jakarta, I’m counting down to the next repeated, liquid visits to the toilet. Usually, it doesn’t take long. Three or four days into my Jakarta eating orgy, the toilet bowls usually start to kiss my ass very often.

True to my expectations, this time, it started happening on my 3rd day here. I got a food poisoning case so bad I found it quite difficult even to speak, I could only whisper. Luckily I had rented a few DVDs to watch. For 2 days now, I’m only able to sleep, go to the toilet, wake up to eat/drink something, go to the toilet again, take some diarrhea tablets, watch a DVD, and go back to sleep.

Phew. Siomay. Noodles. Satay. Gado-gado. Soto. Fish crackers. Fried chicken. Love these poisons of Jakarta. They even help you to lose weight.


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