Never Ask A Woman What She Wants

“What do women want in a man?”

I mean what women want in a man, as what qualities does a man have to have so that women want him? It’s funny, but when you ask women this question, their answers are so… standard. It’s almost like they’re reading from the same book and just regurgitating the predetermined qualities in a slightly randomized order. They always say, “we want a man who…”

1. Has a great sense of humor (this one very often comes up first)
2. Treats me nicely / like a princess / like the only woman in the world, etc.
3. Is a good listener, sensitive, etc.
4. etc. etc. etc.

(Ssshhhh don’t tell them, but methinks this list is utter cowdung.)

Proof? Well I’ve got this friend who gets approached by guys quite often, see. She tells me about these approaches, so I get to hear what she thinks about different guys and how they do it. The weird thing is, the “losers” and the “winners” say exactly the same thing. You know, “I’m a 27-year old guy, likes surfing, travelling, blah blah,” or, “I’m a nice guy looking for friendship blah blah…”, or ask the same questions, “Have you eaten lunch?” or “What are you doing?”

But she describes these two groups totally differently. The former comprises “lame, pervert, weird, desperate, homely” guys. The latter is full of “intelligent, charming, funny, sweet, gentlemanly” guys. It can’t be! Sometimes the guys in the first group say something that is WAY wittier than the guys in the second group. Hmmm. Apparently sense of humor is not _that_ important. And I think I know why.

When you ask a woman what she wants in a man, she’s not thinking about qualities that’ll make her like a man. She’ll think about a man she already likes, e.g., Brad Pitt or Jay Chou, then apply the qualities like so: “let me see… what will make Brad Pitt even nicer? Hmmm, well, it’s nice if he has a sense of humor.” or “Wow, I think it’ll be cool if Jay Chou treats me like a princess!”. And these are the ones that come out as answers. The sequence is all wrong!

Q.E.D. I’m such a genius.

P.S.: one of the guys in the former group said something that I thought was pretty original when I first heard it from her: “we can fall in love and get married over the Internet, or we can meet up to have coffee and some stimulating conversation.” Ha! (She said he was too… ahem, homely for her taste. There goes sense of humor.)

P.P.S.: Later somebody told me that this was a canned phrase from somewhere. Ha ha!


3 thoughts on “Never Ask A Woman What She Wants

  1. the mentioned person like very familiar leh…

    but yeah.. my list runs from jurong to tampines.. ultimately, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder… it’s fate n the feeeeeeeeling…

  2. What woman wants? Very simple.

    1. Money
    2. Love
    3. Last but not least, lots of sex

    The above is sorted by the level of importance. The other stuff are just secondary.

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